How do I register?
Yo may register at any of our designated registration dates. You may also pre-register by filling out the registration forms and bringing them with you. Registration dates will be posted on our webpage. If you missed one of our registration dates, just email us at jrbengalsyfc@gmail.com.

What is the cost of registration?
Current registration costs can be found here.

What are work bond hours?
Work bond hours are designated volunteer hours per child that must be completed during the season. Opportunities are available at practices, games, fundraising opportunities and special events.  Six hours per child are required. The importance of work bond hours ensure that the league is able to run smoothly while also keeping registration and operating costs down.

When does the season begin?
We are allowed to begin practicing no earlier than the fourth Monday in July. Actual start date is at board’s discretion and all participant’s will be notified of first official practice date.

When are practices?
Practices will be decided by the board of directors. All players have to meet a minimum number of practice hours. Practice days will be reduced once school begins.

When are games played?
Games may be played on Saturday evenings or Sunday mornings, depending on the host town. Some Flag games may be played during the week. Complete schedule will be available by the end of August.

When are the General Membership meetings held?
General Membership meetings are held monthly, on the second Thursday of the month. All are able to attend. Details on time and location can be found on our Calendar.

How can I volunteer for Jr. Bengals Youth Football and Cheer?
There are several ways you can volunteer your time to help our organization. We advise you to see a Barnegat Jr. Bengal Youth Football and Cheer Executive Board member for more information

How are coaches chosen for each team and when are they announced? What qualifications do coaches need to have? I was a coach last season, will I automatically be a coach again?
All coaches are chosen by the Jr. Bengal Executive Board at the recommendation of the Football and Cheerleading Coordinator. Coaches will be announced at our June general meeting. Coaches are required to pass a background check, and complete all training requirements prior to the first practice. All coaches will be certified by American Youth Football (AYF) and trained in concussion awareness. Being a coach during any previous season does not guarantee an individual a coaching position for the upcoming season.

How are the Barnegat Jr. Bengal Youth Football and Cheer Executive Board members chosen?
The elected Executive Board positions are chosen by the general membership in accordance with our By-Laws.



What equipment do I need to purchase?
All equipment is provided to your child with the exception of two items. An athletic supporter or ‘cup,’ and football cleats. It is also recommended that you purchase a better mouthpiece, though a basic moldable mouthpiece will be provided.

How are teams created?
Teams are age based, as of the age of all participants as of 7/31 of the current year. There are no weight restrictions, and all participants must be attending a Barnegat Township school during the season.



What items will I need to purchase?
The girls will need a few items for their game uniforms. They will need basic, all-white shoes, ‘lollipops’ or black spandex shorts, and a cheer bow, available from the league.

Do the girls cheer at all football games?
Each level will cheer for their designated football team at both home and away games, regardless of weather conditions, unless otherwise notified.