This Saturday, July 21 will be the equipment/practice wear handout for all levels of football, as well as an opportunity to meet your coaches. REMINDER, all paperwork must be handed in before receiving our equipment. Please check in at the Clubhouse upon arrival.

All football players should arrive at their scheduled time with cleats and water, as their coaches will go through introductory drills with them. They will receive their equipment immediately following. Cheerleaders will receive their practice wear and bows. Please follow the below schedule:

9:00am – 10U Tackle
9:45am – 8U Tackle
10:30am – Flag

9:00am – D12 Sideline
9:30am – D10 Sideline
10:00am – D8 Sideline
10:30am – Flag

Anyone who had previously submitted an interest application for Competition Cheer, or who would like to join, should bring the registration check of $125.


Our first practice is the following Monday, July 23. All levels will begin practicing at 6:00pm. In order to start promptly, we ask that everyone arrive at the field prepared by 5:45. Time is valuable and our coaches want to effectively utilize all the time that is allotted to them. The full practice schedule can be found here.

As with all practices and Jr Bengal functions, we ask that all parents remain at practice, or in the event that they must leave, ensure that coaches and team moms have the correct contact information.

In order for your child to participate, they must have a valid AYF Medical Clearance form submitted. Without this, they cannot participate in the full activity, but should still be in attendance.

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