Week 1: Bye
Week 2: Sunday, 9/1 12:00pm vs Berkeley
Week 3: Saturday, 9/7 7:00pm @ Brick Memorial
Week 4: Saturday, 9/14 7:00pm vs Southern
Week 5: Sunday, 9/22 1:30pm @ Pt Pleasant
Week 6: Saturday, 9/28 7:00pm vs Lacey
Week 7: Saturday, 10/5 7:00pm vs Lakewood
Week 8: Sunday, 10/13 12:00pm @ Wall

Week 1: Sunday, 8/25 12:00pm @ Manalapan
Week 2: Sunday, 9/1 10:30am vs Berkeley
Week 3: Bye
Week 4: Saturday, 9/14 5:30pm vs Pinelands
Week 5: Sunday, 9/22 3:00pm @ Pt Pleasant
Week 6: Saturday, 9/28 5:30pm vs Middletown
Week 7: Saturday, 10/5 5:30pm vs Lakewood
Week 8: Sunday, 10/13 9:00am vs Rumson (@Brick Dragons)

Week 1 Sunday, 8/25 10:30am @ Manalapan
Week 2: Sunday, 9/1 9:00am vs Berkeley
Week 3: Sunday, 9/8 12:00pm @ Ocean
Week 4: Sunday, 9/14 9:00am @ Asbury Park
Week 5: Bye
Week 6: Saturday, 9/28 4:00pm vs Marlboro
Week 7: Saturday, 10/5 4:00pm vs Lakewood
Week 8: Week 8: Sunday, 10/13 1:30pm @ Wall

The flag schedule should be released shortly.


Please follow the below schedule for equipment handout. Please be reminded that all paperwork must be submitted in order to receive your equipment. All parents will need to check in with our board prior to doing so. Medical waivers, final report cards, photo, birth certificate and all checks must be in hand.

Sunday, July 21 at Lower Shore Road Football Field
9:00am – 11U Football and Cheer
9:30am – 9U Football and Cheer
10:00am – 7U Football and Cheer
10:30am – Flag Football and Cheer

Football players, be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time, with water and cleats. You will meet your coaches and go through some conditioning/football drills. Immediately following, you will receive your equipment.


For anyone who needs to submit paperwork such as the completed medical waiver or final report card, their is now an easier way to do so. Online document submission is available here:

Paperwork can also be handed in on July 21 at equipment hand out, and all registration paperwork will be reviewed for completion on that date.


Barnegat Jr Bengals - Jets Flier Updated

Don’t miss out on an incredible experience! On August 29, we have been invited to attend the preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Tickets are only $45, and every Jr Bengals football or cheerleader who is in attendance will participate in an on-field experience. This is something that we did last year for the first time, and the experience was once in a lifetime. The football players were on the field for pre-game warm-ups and the cheerleaders got to meet the Jets Flight Crew in the tunnel before the game started. I highly recommend participating, even if you’re not a Jets or Eagles fan, its a great experience! Contact Jamie Armstrong at with any questions and to coordinate payment.


For anyone who may have missed one of our scheduled registration dates, late registration is now available ONLINE! Once submitted, you will receive an email to provide payment. Registration is not complete until payment has been received. Contact us at with any questions. Click HERE to begin!


We have added two additional registration dates as we are still fielding a lot of interest. If you have not yet registered, be sure to make it to one of these dates, there will be no more. Registrations will be on Thursday, May 30 and Monday, June 3rd, in the Brackman Cafeteria from 6-8pm. If you are still missing paperwork, this is also a good time to stop by and hand it in. Spread the word, FINAL registration dates!